lighteningFrom your Heating and Cooling Sales in St Louis near Ballwin MO, we bring you some of the less popular subject content along with the other more exciting discussions.  Today, it is the former of the two, as we discuss disasters in the HVAC world.  “Even though, you may be keenly concerned about your uprooted trees, windows, and roofing system, after you have experienced a natural disaster, your HVAC system could also be in jeopardy. Once the natural disaster passes and your electricity is restored, it is crucial that you become familiar with the ways that a storm or hurricane could damage or destroy your HVAC system.”  We will go through specific disasters now and how they affect your system.

Lightening is the first thing we stumbled upon in our recent research on behalf of your St Louis Heating and Cooling Repair near Ballwin MO.  And the truth is, when lightening does strike, it can adversely affect your air conditioning or cooling system since this relies on electricity in the home to function properly. “When the electricity is disrupted, it could cause issues to your air conditioning system. The additional power resulting from a lightning strike could flood the circuit breaker in your home.” It could even damage electronics and appliances. There is something you could do, however, preventatively.  It is highly recommended that you install a surge protector prior to any natural disaster. This can absorb most of the electricity before it can damage anything in your home, along with your heating and cooling system in St Louis. A surge protector is also important in saving your HVAC equipment.

We will continue this conversation in the next post as we cover the ins and outs of hail and how that, along with other natural disasters can and will take its toll on your HVAC system in ways that your St Louis heating and cooling maintenance can predict and handle.