fireplace heating maintenanceAmerican Services, heating maintenance service in St. Louis, knows that when selecting a wood burning or Pellet heating appliance for your commercial space, it’s vital to choose the correct size for the space you plan to heat.

Also, wood burning and pellet heating appliances can cause many pollutants and chemicals in the air such as; nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, organic gases, and particulate matter which could result in health hazard when toxins reach a certain level.

Therefore maintenance performed regularly to your wood or pellet burning system is vital to the safety of your commercial environment and air quality.

It is advisable to have a certified chimney sweep-certified by the “Chimney Safety Institute of America,” inspect your chimney each year before the heating season.  This is important in order to check your appliance, all of its connecting pipes, air inlets and other parts in order to ensure they are all in proper working order.

Catalytic stoves and inserts should be inspected even more frequently-up to 3 times each year according to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Maintenance to the outside of your heating appliance is also important.  Removal of just 1/10th of an inch of soot can improve efficiency of your unit to as much as fifty percent of the heat transfer efficiency of the metal.

Cleaning the inside of the appliance with a wire brush periodically will also help your wood-burning appliance heat your home efficiently. Even a one-tenth inch of soot can drop the heat transfer efficiency of the metal by 50%.

If you have a pellet burning appliance, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the maintenance regime.  Be sure to regularly check the motors and fans, and remove any unused pellets from the stove and the feed system at the end of every heating season.

To learn more about heating maintenance or to get a quote on maintenance for your heating system, contact us today at American Services.