lighteningLooking even closer and into more detail at what happens when natural disaster strikes and your HVAC is involved, we come across information from our most recent research on behalf of your St Louis Heating Installation near Wentzville MO that we wish to share.  “When a tornado strikes, it comes with high winds, but also lightening. Hail, on the other hand, could follow a tornado or severe storm. It comes with heavy pelts that could subsequently damage your HVAC system.”  It is recommended in order to protect the fragile parts of the condenser coil, that one installs a hail cover over the air conditioning unit. Although it may not deflect everything since small debris can go through the guard, lodging in the equipment, it is better than nothing in terms of level of protection.  If something does lodge in the equipment, however, we found through our recent research, that you ought not attempt to use your AC until you have consulted an expert.

Water damage is another big deal when it comes to the aftermath of natural disaster.  In our recent studies on the subject on behalf of your St Louis Heating service near Wentzville, we also found that many people are affected by this as well.  “A storm or hurricane comes with lightening and heavy rains, causing water damage. In fact, when the storm hits an area, its slow movement could cause a significant amount of water to accumulate in your yard and around your HVAC system. Debris and grass could wash into the HVAC unit as water rises.”

In light of all possible disaster damage, it is recommended that before you experience severe weather, it would be an excellent idea to contact an HVAC contractor to inspect your outside HVAC unit. The HVAC professional would make sure that the unit is elevated to a height to keep out as much standing water as possible. Call your local Heating installation in St Louis near Wentzville for more information today.