heating service in MORadiant heat can be described as the heat you might feel from a hot stove across the room. When utilizing this type of heating system for a dwelling, radiant heat will have the same effect as the stove top, the radiant heat will be supplied by pipes directly under the floor, or in the walls this is called infrared radiation.

When this heat source is located in the floor, it is often referred to as radiant floor heating. There are a number of advantages radiant heating can provide. It is much more efficient than the baseboard heating systems, and generally considered more efficient than forced air heating. It must be said here the lack of moving air can be beneficial to people with severe allergies.

Liquid based systems or hydronic systems use very little electricity. This can be beneficial for those who live off the power grid or those who live in high rate grids.

These liquid based systems, can be heated with gas or oil fired boilers, wood fired boilers, solar water heaters or any combination of these sources.

Radiant floor systems depend on convection, that is, the natural circulation of heat within a room caused by heat naturally rising from the floor. Radiant floor heating systems are vastly different than radiant wall or ceiling panels.

The next generation of radiant heating pipe, is known as X-Pert S5. It is constructed with Dowelex 2344, a polyethylene copolymer resin. This combines the benefits of polyethylene resin and high temperature resistance. Without the need for cross linking this pipe it will deliver superior long term hydrostatic design strength. What this means is increased flexibility and installation savings.

EVOH, better known as ethylene vinyl alcohol polymer which is applied in 5 layers and placed between two layers of polyethylene copolymer resin and two layers of adhesive.

This produces the finest long term hydrostatic design platform in the industry today. The outside of this pipe also provides a protective shield for the oxygen barrier, and has the best protection available against oxidation do to oxygen permeation of the system.

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