heating installation in MOAmerican Services commercial heating service near Webster Groves knows that there are two commonly used types of radiator systems for heating commercial installations; steam systems and hot water systems, or possibly a combination of the two.  The type used in your workplace may vary based on needs, structure size and materials available when the structure was built. Construction methods and practices varied greatly over the years. Regional building differences may also play a role in what type of system you have.


Steam radiator systems use a boiler to boil water to create steam, which in turn moves through a series of piping without the need for pumps.  One of the problems with this systems is you must wait for the steam to warm back up after shutting down.  This is considered an inefficient method.  Steam generally moves around the heating system at pressures of around 1 lb. per square foot, allowing radiator temperatures to reach up to 215 degrees F.


Hot water heating systems heat water in a boiler before pumping the water around the system to heat radiators within a building. Hot water heating systems are commonly used in newer built commercial installations and residential applications and the water temperature in the system is usually limited to 180 degrees.


If you’re interested in calculating the temperature of each radiator within a heating system, the equivalent direct radiation is multiplied by the amount of heat produced by a boiler per hour. The EDR is the square footage of the radiators within a home, while the heat produced by a boiler is measured in British thermal units. Steam boilers produce around 240 BTUs and hot water boilers produce about 170 BTU’s.