St. Peters Area Heating ServiceThis winter has been a challenge, to say to least.  Heavy snow fall and cold temperatures have put a strain on the finances of everyone, including those with commercial buildings. To help save a few extra dollars as spring approaches, let’s talk about a few simple steps you can take to reduce your overall heating energy usage.

  •  Make sure you are utilizing a programmable thermostat.  You can set this type of thermostat so that your building is cooler in the evenings, or during other times it is not used.  This is a tip you can also use for your personal residence!
  • Don’t overwork your equipment!  This can be done by regularly changing your HVAC filters.  It is normally recommended that your filter be changed every month, but you can check the manufacturer specs on your unit for specifics.  Changing your filter as recommended will also improve your indoor air quality.
  • When the seasons change, be sure you are making adjustments to your thermostats to reflect those changes.
  • Open the blinds or shades and let the sun in.  Using natural sunlight to encourage heat gain also boosts your mood!
  • Ensure the accuracy of ambient temperature readings on your thermostats by having them calibrated.
  • Your system has to use up to 25 percent more energy to distribute air if you have vents that are either blocked or closed off.  So, take a look around and fix this issue if it’s happening in your building.
  • If you use a heat pump, make sure you are keeping the coils clean, as dirty coils inhibit heat transfer and use more energy.

Take a few minutes to utilize these tips today and save some extra bucks on your commercial heating near St. Peters!