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Since 2011 when the president introduced a program to help commercial industries lower energy use, over 110 organizations have joined the “Better Buildings Challenge” initiative.

The organizations are striving to reduce energy use by as much as twenty percent by 2020, and according to the companies are on their way to meeting the goal. The savings on energy is equal to an astounding 8.5 trillion BTUs which equates to fifty eight million dollars in savings.

Nearly twenty percent of energy needs have been cut by thirteen hundred companies involved in the initiative.  At an additional twenty one hundred facilities as much as 10% savings was realized.

The initiative Better Buildings Challenge has partners that are exchanging information on strategies that have helped them reduce heating and cooling energy needs by duplicating other companies’ strategies.  Industries involved include; commercial retail stores, civic centers, historical buildings, hotels, fire stations and manufacturing facilities.

The United States spends approximately two hundred billion dollars each year for heating and cooling commercial buildings and an additional two hundred billion to power industrial facilities.  Commercial and industrial buildings make up nearly fifty percent of the energy use in the United States and are responsible for over 40 percent of the carbon emissions.

The Better Building Challenge is responsible for helping to reduce nationwide energy use as well as the carbon footprint in the country.  These impressive results are responsible not only for saving money, but creating more jobs and improving the competitive status of U.S. businesses.

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