shutterstock_20845372Proper maintenance on your industrial boiler is very important.  Every year there are numerous accidents and break downs causing shut downs. Yes boilers are safer with the new safety devices that are designed to prevent conditions that could become disastrous. Only when you combine these with proper maintenance can you really prevent the operating system from becoming a serious hazard.  And when I say serious hazard, I am talking loss of life, personal injury, structural damage, and damage to other equipment costing high dollars in repairs and potential lawsuits. Not to mention all the time that can be lost if you have to shut your business down.

Speaking of cost, proper boiler maintenance can also save you money by increasing the efficiency of your boiler. Boilers are not exactly low energy users. They can easily waste thousands of dollars if not running properly and increasing operating costs. Even the smallest decrease in efficiency can cause an ample increase in your energy budget. Water is both your enemy and your friend with a boiler system.  Impurities found naturally in the water can cause sediment build up or corrosion. You water needs to be clean going into the system.  Your heating repair specialist in St. Louis City can set you up with the proper chemicals to keep your water clean allowing for optimal productivity.

The other great reason to have regular maintenance is that it will extend the life of your boiler system. It’s just like servicing your car. The more you take care of it the longer the car will last.  Also your maintenance technician is going to find issues that may not even be showing yet. It is always best to take care of a small problem before it becomes a large problem.  So make sure you set up a plan with your repair person for regular maintenance. The maintenance company will keep a records and be able to identify any changes that could otherwise go unnoticed.