heating maintenance in St. LouisAmerican Services Heating systems in Florissant MO is pleased to announce that our systems provide innovative heating services that every company wants today,  including solar water heating which translates into huge savings.

Everyone needs hot water, and every company would like a 20 to 30% return on their investment system that is not weather dependent, getting your attention yet?

This is why, the HVAC industry is embracing solar thermal systems technology. We’re all looking for products and services that will stabilize our business.  People need hot water all year long why not offer solar water heating , this can level out your overhead and revenue cycle allowing the budget to remain stable year round year after year.

Working with solar thermal systems is just like HVAC systems, with a two man crew from American Services completing one day installations.

No new license or certification fees re required for installation. We will do all the plumbing and electrical work, soldering and brazing, and deal with water lines which includes daily tasks that American Services has ample experience in. Being skilled in these tasks qualifies us for solar thermal system installations.

The business owner’s perks include rebates and incentives for investing in the solar thermal system. For example the first year return on your investment can be as much as 70 percent. In addition, businesses will continue to receive about a thirty percent return on their investment through their energy savings free hot water. Your solar thermal system can show consistent and guaranteed returns of 20 to 30 percent. Over a 25 year period, know any banks that can do that?