fireIn the next three posts, on behalf of your St Louis Heating Installation near Edwardsville IL, we plan to cover some of the old school methods of heating, as well as travel you into the modern day options that currently exist on the Heating and Cooling market in St Louis near Edwardsville.  We all know that one of the most basic human needs is warmth. Without it, bodies cannot thrive.  In today’s day and age, thanks to advances in technology and home heating systems, achieving comfortable temperatures is as simple as flipping a switch. Turn back the clock with us at your St Louis Heating Sales near Edwardsville, and we can see what things were like back in the old days.

For starters, it is totally true that ancient civilizations didn’t have it as simple. Some of how you were warmed was based on where you ended up living, according to our research on behalf of your St Louis Heating Sales.  “For those who migrated to the world’s cooler regions, the sun did not provide enough warmth to live.”

Humans, historically have a very strong intellect when it comes to doing what they need instinctively.  “Through sheer ingenuity, humankind’s early ancestors learned how to harness the power of fire, as well as use the Earth and sun to heat their homes and kingdoms. Using the principles that these forefathers established, humans have developed heating systems that keep families comfortable through even the most frigid winters.”  In the next two posts on behalf of your Heating sales and service near Edwardsville, we will cover the timeline of home heating systems.