chatThis is the research upon which we have focused lately and will gladly pass your way on behalf of your Heating repair and service in St Louis near St Charles MO, “An efficient HVAC system is important to the comfort of your family throughout the seasons of the year, because this climate control device is responsible for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning your home. Learn the facts about essential components of your HVAC system and find out the role each plays in keeping your household — and its members — warm in winter and cool in summer.”  So, here we go, filling you in on the above matters regarding your home, office or business and its heating and cooling system.

Let us begin with the thermostat. The thermostat is usually the most visible part of anyone’s HVAC system at home or in a commercial business environment. It is typically set on an obvious and prominent, easily accessible wall, it may be either programmed in advance or set manually to keep the home or business at a desired temperature. The way it works is by sensing temperatures.  “When the ambient temperature becomes too cold or too hot, the thermostat will trigger the heat exchanger or the evaporator coil-condensing unit combo to begin circulating warmed or cooled air as needed.”

Moving on in this St Louis heating and cooling sales and service tutorial, we come upon the actual furnace. Sort of central to the whole shebang, the furnace is the aspect to understand with the most clarity if you want to be in touch with your HVAC system in St Louis. “The furnace is the key component of your HVAC system. It’s also the largest, requiring substantial space — typically in the cellar, your finished basement, the attic, or a special closet designed for that purpose. Its function is to heat a supply of air which is to be distributed to various rooms of your home via the HVAC.”  Learn more about the heating process in the next post here on behalf of your St Louis HVAC near St Charles MO.