furnace filter

When you are trying to prepare your furnace for the winter, you are likely needing some assistance or advice on what to do if you are like most other people.  If saving money sounds appealing and you want to stay warm over the winter, you will want to read on and get some extra info from our article, written on behalf of American Services in St Louis MO near University City.

Begin by checking and changing your filter.  This really should be done on a monthly basis (checking it, that is) and usually you should change it every 3 months.  Switch your thermostat from cool to heat…that’s a no brainer, right?  Remove your window screens and install storm windows wherever possible.  This will keep the heat from leaking through your windows and into the outdoors.  That, of course, equates to more energy efficiency and cost savings.  Then, believe it or not, according to heating and cooling experts like the ones at American Services in St Louis, you should move on to inspect your chimney next.  Here is what one online article says, “You should be checking for any obstructions, such as bird nests or debris. Furthermore, you should also make sure there is no significant soot buildup, as it can be a dangerous fire hazard. If your chimney hasn’t been inspected in a long time, call a professional to check it and clean the ducts.” Next, you ought to use the fireplace, for this is an excellent way to assist in inexpensive heating of you home over the winter.

Furnace burners should be inspected as well and kept free of debris and dust.  This will most definitely accumulate over the summer, therefore it is imperative to check and clean the furnace burners before it gets cold.  Check them over for rust and misalignment as well, say the heating experts.