heating services in MOAmerican Services heating installation and repair in St. Louis knows that because commercial heating systems come in many forms, your specific commercial heating system needs will vary. Researching various types of systems can cost time and expense but will pay off in the long run. Because of the wide variety of heating systems available, maintenance costs will vary widely and may factor into your decision making process.

Here are a few commercial heating installation systems available:

1.  From a consumer’s viewpoint the number 1 system will be the natural energy systems. These systems are not only good for the environment but more efficient in the long run. Because of the high initial installation cost these types of commercial heating systems are used for the larger businesses.

One of the most tried and true methods of commercial heating is the oil and/or gas steam commercial HVAC system. This system operates when oil and gas are used to heat, then condense and eventually pass steam through pipes. Commonly known in the industry as the least effective and efficient commercial heating system, steam takes longer than most systems to circulate heat. This is because of the delay between boiler start and steam heat circulation.

The third option is the gas or oil water, this system of heating using water based HVAC,
though similar to the steam heating concept, the steam will pass through to radiators positioned throughout the commercial building site. The downside of this commercial heating system is that water systems are extremely inefficient, and an air clearing system must be initiated each time the heat is engaged.

Heat pumps are another option available to the contractor.This is an extremely efficient means of heating a commercial installation project. Explained basically, this is a technology used in refrigerators, extracting heat from cold air in this application using a refrigerant and pumping the heat generated through a commercial property. It should be noted this system does not require a fuel source.

Contractors at American Services are committed to determining the most cost effective commercial heating system installation. You can reduce these costs by using high efficiency systems, those systems with high ratings, (AFUE) and the energy star seal of approval.

Climate must be taken into consideration when determining the appropriate commercial heating system.