commercial heating repair in MOAmerican Services heating systems installation in Missouri knows that installation of commercial heating systems using sustainable resources are a viable option that should be considered. These systems employ energy sources such as solar and geothermal power, leaving no footprint on our environment.

Heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) these systems are not only good for the environment, but over time they will perform more efficiently, generating energy cost savings and decreasing the carbon footprint that “traditional”options such as oil and gas leave behind. ¬†Because of the relatively high initial installation costs, this type of commercial heating system is often reserved for the larger facilities. ¬†Fortunately these costs are becoming more affordable as tax breaks and government incentive programs become more prevalent.

Oil or Gas Steam Heating Methods

Choosing an oil or petroleum steam powered commercial HVAC system, while definitely not the most efficient, is one of the oldest methods of commercial heating installations. The oil or gas is used to boil, manufacture and subsequently pass steam through the pipes-generally considered one of the least efficient processes, and at the same time, most harmful to the environment. Steam heating methods take longer than most systems to circulate heat because of the delay between the boiler being fired up, and the heat finally circulating thru a network of pipes, ending up in the radiator unit.

Gas or Oil Water Systems

An additional method for heating commercial property is using a water-driven HVAC system. Similar to steam heating in overall concept, the water heating method uses a boiler to heat water, which is then subsequently passed through a pipe network to radiators positioned throughout the facility. These water heating systems are some of the least productive heating methods and also less than ideal from an efficiency perspective. One reason for this is that you have to clear the air in the system each time the heat is engaged, causing delays in heating which results in inefficiencies.

Heat Pump Alternatives

Implementing a heat pump commercial heating alternative is the most favorable commercial heating option and is an efficient means of heating a building. This process is similar to the technology used in refrigerators, essentially extracting heat from cold. Because these types of systems do not require a fuel source (gas or oil) to function, they are very cost effective systems.