industrial heating maintenance in MOAmerican Services industrial heating equipment installation near Wood River knows that there are many types of efficient heating systems to select from for commercial buildings. Examples are; radiant heating, eat pumps, radiators, and more.

Radiant heating systems function by supplying heat directly to the floors or to wall or ceiling panels of your commercial building. Radiant heating systems depend on transfer of heat or delivery of heat directly to objects in the room. This type of radiant heat is called “infrared radiation.”

Radiant heating is far more efficient than baseboard heat or forced air because there is no loss of heat through the duct system that forced air must travel through before entering the room it is heating.

Steam radiator systems are another option of heating for commercial spaces.  Steam radiators utilize  a boiler which actually heats water to a boiling point into steam.  This steam then moves through the pipes and it does not require pumping. One drawback to steam heating is that it requires a period of time before the system is hot enough to heat the room.

Heat pumps are yet another type of heating source and it can be a liquid or air source. Liquid heat pump systems are usually made up of several heat pump units located above the ceiling tiles on each floor of a high-rise building. A water loop is required to provide heat to the refrigerant at the heat pumps. The water loop then collects more heat which  is usually from a boiler inside the building.

No matter what type of efficient heating system you choose for your commercial building, contact us today at American Services.  We can help you with installation and maintenance of any heating service select.