heating services in st. louisAmerican Services Cooling and Heating maintenance in Clayton knows that water heaters may be the last thing many commercial building owners will perform preventative maintenance on. Fortunately most general maintenance problems have easy solutions that can insure lower costs and improved longevity. Water heaters remain an extremely critical part of an apartment building’s operation. You can expect the average life span of commercial water heaters to be between 4 and 8 years. Water quality and environment can affect the average life span of commercial water heaters.
The most common occurring problems are caused by improper air circulation is negligence. Developing a preventative maintenance program for your water heating system will prevent costly repairs and customer complaints long term.

Commercial size water heaters can be overwhelming because there are many different types of commercial water heaters on the market, It’s important to be aware which type of water heater you select. For example, gas water heaters require oxygen fuel and a source of ignition. Without fresh air the flame cannot survive and the water will not be properly heated. Making sure you have access to ample air and open spaces is one simple way to avoid premature maintenance issues.  Water not getting hot in a timely manner means it’s time to investigate the function of your heater and the water system itself.

Mixing or crossover is a problem caused by the mixing of cold and hot water leading to luke warm water all throughout the building complex. Single handed showers or faucets are most often the problem in this instance. Keeping your water system and water heater properly serviced and regularly maintained will prevent these problems.

Most major maintenance repair cost can be summed up in three words- lack of maintenance. Being familiar with your water heating system, having an experienced water heating system expert such as American Services on call will allow you to operate your commercial business more efficiently.