Commercial Heating Sales St LouisWhen considering how you will heat your commercial space, there are a number of decisions to make.  These decisions include what type of system you will choose to perform the job.  Today, American Services Hazelwood area industrial heating team presents a quick run down of the options you will face when choosing a commercial heating unit.  Let’s get started.

One of the oldest methods of heating a commercial property is via a steam system that utilizes gas or oil to create the steam.  These units use a boiler to create steam that then passed through piping to heat your business.  While steam has it’s upsides, it is also important to note that it isn’t very efficient and can take much longer to circulate heat through your system.

Another method that uses a boiler involves units that are water-based.  With these systems a boiler heats the water that is then passed through to radiators to heat the building.  This type of system also has some efficiency issues similar to the steam method mentioned above.  These systems are powered by oil or gas.

One of the most efficient means of heating a commercial property is with a heat pump. Heat pumps function using technology similar to that utilized by refrigerators.  This process involves using a refrigerant to extract heat from cold air and then pumping the generated heat throughout the property.  A heat pump system does not require oil or gas.

If you are looking to find the perfect heating method for your commercial property, the experts at American Services would be happy to assist you!   Our professional sales team can help you with everything from picking an efficient method to choosing one that will save you the most money over time. Don’t worry with your heating source decision any longer.  Call American Services for a free estimate today!