Troubleshooting Furnace ProblemsWelcome back to our two part series on why you may be experiencing pilot light issues. In part one, our professional heating and cooling team near Overland discussed some safety basics and two of our top four reasons why your pilot light may be out.  Today, we will finish the discussion with our final two points and then give some advice on the overall well-being of your heating and cooling system.  Let’s get started!

Again, let’s talk a little bit about safety before we get to the good stuff.  If your pilot light is out, your heating system has most likely already sensed an issue and shut down the system.  As this point, you will know that there is an issue, but you also need to realize that troubleshooting will require some basic safety precautions.  Before you do anything get out your safety and owner’s manual for specific recommendations for your heating system manufacturer.  Follow these recommendations and don’t be hesitant to call in a professional if you feel like a task is not safe.

Now, let’s finish up this series with the final two reasons why your pilot light may be out.

  • Faulty Gas Pressure – If your gas pressure is off (either too high or too low) you could see the issue pop up in your pilot light.  The only way to fix this issue is to contact your local utility company.
  • Faulty Equipment – Once you have ruled out condensation, air supply, and gas pressure as the cause of your pilot light outage you are most likely looking at a problem caused by faulty equipment.  At this point you will need to call in a professional to inspect the system.

As with any large appliance, proper regular maintenance can help to alleviate a number of these issues before they start.  Avoid pilot light and other repair issues by contacting the American Services team for a free service/maintenance contract estimate today!