Furnace Burner Blower IgnitedSo, you just discovered that the pilot light on your furnace has gone out.  What do you do now?  Well, the best thing you can do is troubleshoot with the understanding that there are a few major causes that could be leading to this issue.  Today, the team at American Services will explain four of these top reasons for a pilot light outage.

Before we get started, lets talk about safety.  You will find that most systems have safe guards in place that automatically shut an appliance down when there is a pilot light issue.  This is only a first line of defense in regards to your safety.   It is important to always consult the owner’s manual and safety guidelines given by the manufacturer of your specific equipment before proceeding with any troubleshooting.  When you start to feel like a task is over your head, stop and call in the professionals.

Now that you understand how to handle troubleshooting in a safe manner, let’s talk about two of the four most common reasons why your pilot light may go out.

  • Condensation – In the case of condensation, your pilot light is going out due to extra moisture dripping on the pilot light and extinguishing the flame. Look for evidence of condensation that may be causing this issue.
  • Air Supply – A draft, improper ventilation, or a lack of fresh air can all cause air supply issues that then cause your pilot light to extinguish.  Look for obstructions that are blocking air flow or drafts that could be leading to the issue.

Come back next time when we continue this discussion and reveal the last two of our top reasons why your pilot light may be out!

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