hvac install in MOAmerican Services HVAC maintenance service in St. Louis County knows that in ¬†building’s HVAC system will age at a rate different than the building next to it. Different units, different applications, and the many variations that a commercial HVAC system encounters will lead to systems that have no set failure date. Additionally, having an aging system may not be able to meet the environmental needs of today’s building or the people inside.

New technologies with commercial HVAC systems are vastly more energy efficient than those of just a few years ago. Changes to windows, space use, office equipment and other modifications can have significant impact on the demand requirements, efficiency and water management performance of your HVAC system.
As part of your annual preventative maintenance plan, you should have your aging HVAC unit inspected to identify possible components that are nearing failure or need updated. Making a checklist of all known components of your system inspecting or changing the air filters monthly, inspecting all condensate drains and drain pans, and inspect the air coils to confirm that the equipment is operating at maximum capacity. If drain pans or drains are contaminated, flush the drain and clean the pan. Simple preventative maintenance tasks will ensure your system exceeds its lifespan.

All HVAC systems should be insected by a licenced technician, but if your system is aging it is even more imperative that you call a professional to do a thorough analysis of your system.