HVAC technician in MOAmerican Services commercial HVAC maintenance and repair service near Fenton knows that HVAC systems are an essential component of ensuring high productivity and comfort within any work environment. Additionally, HVAC systems provide clean air for breathing and staying healthy in the workplace. Without proper annual HVAC maintenance, systems can become inefficient, unhealthy, and diminish moral within the workplace. Not to mention the added costs to repair the system.

All filters must be changed or cleaned according to the maintenance cycles outlined by the manufacturer or installation company. All businesses are different and may require differing timeframes between replacement or cleaning. Drive belts should be inspected while changing or checking the filters. Over time drive belts will wear out and brake. Broken drive belts will lead to inoperable systems.

Evaporator and condenser coils need to be cleaned annually using water. High pressure power washers are not recommended as they will damage the coils reducing the efficiency of the unit. All dirt and debris needs to be removed to ensure proper airflow. If your unit has a problem with mold, products can be applied to eliminate the mold and prevent future growth.

Air ducts should be inspected every year. Over time, dust and dirt will settle and stick to the walls of ducts. Build up of foreign particles can also cause mold or bacteria growth. Soiled ducts need to be professionally cleaned and disinfected by a licensed company. This maintenance task is essential for the health and safety of employees as they are constantly breathing the air that is passing through the ducts.

Having an annual HVAC preventative maintenance plan will ensure your system is running and peak efficiency.