HVAC air duct systemAmerican Services commercial HVAC service in MO knows that Air duct free systems are a smart way to add air conditioning to multiple rooms without having to perform invasive installations of conventional duct systems. The systems will cost around $1,000 to $2,000 per unit and do an excellent job of cooling. In addition, the sound level is better than a conventional window air conditioning unit.

Air duct free systems, also known as ductless split HVAC systems are a matched combination of an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor fan coil unit by refrigerant tubing and wires. These systems are compact and take up very little space in the room. Additionally, they do not obstruct windows. New designs of ductless split HVAC systems are aesthetically designed to blend with room decor and new technologies with these systems ensure low sound levels.

HVAC air duct free systems are relatively inexpensive compared to modifying existing structure to run conventional air ducting. Specifically, the use of ductless systems are excellent for add-ons to current space or if you have a special space that requires varying environmental controls from the rest of the location. Additionally, if your current system is not able to handle modifications or additions, ductless systems are a viable option.

These type of HVAC systems are now being incorporated into many historical renovations where preserving the look of the original aesthetics in the structure. Requirements set on historical properties typically will not allow structure modifications even though they may have no cooling systems.

When assessing your location, look into a ductless HVAC system as an alternative to conventional methods.