recycled HVACWe are moving along the HVAC train and looking for new and exciting information to share with you from your HVAC installation and service in St Louis near Chesterfield MO.  We found some interesting info on CHP or Combined heat and power systems and thought we ought to pass it alone.

“Combined heat and power (CHP) systems are being used by a wide range of applications to reduce the overall energy intensity of industrial systems. There are two types of CHP, depending on whether the system produces power first, then heat, or heat first, then power.”  According to your HVAC sales in St Louis, the topping cycles involve hot exhaust of an electricity generator.  Something like a natural gas turbine or reciprocating engine, is used to provide process heat, hot water, or space heating for the site. “According to preliminary 2015 data, topping cycles are used by 89 percent of total CHP capacity.” In bottoming cycles, also referred to as waste heat to power, wasted heat from a furnace or other high-temperature industrial processes is recovered and used for power production, which is also found to be noteworthy in our recent research as this is a form of energy recycling.

According to our HVAC sales St Louis near Chesterfield and the research recently done online, the bottoming cycles typically use waste heat boilers or steam turbine systems. “Ongoing research, development, and deployment efforts are focused on these systems as a way to reduce wasted heat and increase industrial energy efficiency.”  From an HVAC perspective, bottoming cycles are most times being applied in industrial facilities in chemical, paper, and primary metals sectors since these particular places often have high temp waste streams that are best dealt with using waste heat recovery.  All of this and more can be discussed as it applies to St Louis HVAC near Chesterfield and we will attempt to elaborate in future posts on this very subject.