hvac system in MOIt is common knowledge that in commercial HVAC systems, actuators are equipped on every damper installed in an HVAC system. What is not often known is how to select an appropriate actuator as each damper requires the consideration of several factors.

Typically, damper manufacturers can supply any commercially available damper actuator. Often times they are requested to be installed at the factory. If this option is chosen they can be installed internally or externally. Having the manufacturer install the damper is usually less expensive and is the best way to ensure the appropriate size is installed.

When selecting Commercial HVAC Actuators, there can be a choice between electric, pneumatic, or manual depending on the application. If the damper is to be fixed or adjusted once or twice a year, a manual actuator is recommended. Pneumatic actuators normally require a 20 to 25 psi instrument air supply system which will add substantially more cost if there is no instrument air available. Electric actuators are the most commonly used system for all damper control applications. There is a variety of configurations for the different electrical loads available.

If the damper will be used to adjust airflow to a required design setting and then be locked permanently, you would want to look into a balancing damper. If the damper will be required to open fully and close completely to regulate airflow, you may want a two-position control actuator. A modulating or proportional control actuator is required if you are trying to control temperature, pressure, or airflow by moving the various positions on the controller.

Given the various applications, it is always good to contact the manufacturer to ensure your Commercial HVAC Actuator selection is appropriate for your operation.

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