HVAC repair in MOWhether your company outsources maintenance through a company such as American Services,  or you have staff in place to service your HVAC, It is critical to have a preventive maintenance check and services matrix in place. By scheduling regular inspections you can guarantee the health and safety of your employees and clientele.  Insuring that your HVAC system operates efficiently with air systems and ventilation operating at peak levels throughout the year.

Sometimes changes in maintenance staff or changes in maintenance companies outsourced to handle your building’s HVAC maintenance operations. Here’s a checklist you can use to inspect your HVAC operations. While responsibility for long term HVAC operations is designated permanently.

  1. Filters and Belts- both employees and customers need to function in a clean clear air environment. When air filters and belts start to wear out the ‘atmosphere’ in your commercial building can become contaminated. Regular inspection can prevent these components from becoming damaged to function.
    2. Coils- A buildup of dust and particles overtime will impair your equipment causing mechanical failure down the road.
    3. Calibration of components- Make sure all calibration requirements are conducted on time using your preventive maintenance and construction services list.
    4. Wiring Inspection- Wiring and connections should be checked during regular maintenance to insure proper connections.
    5. Ducting work- The enemy here is dust, particles, and mold. Inspecting your ductwork regularly and checking for infestation and clogs will prevent this.
    6. Thermostats- most generally thermostats are placed throughout the building. These components are used extremely often; chances are your maintenance staff will be notified
    of an inoperable thermostat. Nevertheless a periodic check of your thermostat and its function should be conducted according to your preventative maintenance checks and services list.

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