commercial HVAC services in MOAmerican Services commercial HVAC installation in South County knows that a healthy workplace means high productivity, if regular inspections of your commercial HVAC system are not performed, business owners risk an unexpected breakdown that can interrupt daily work flow.

By introducing a preventive maintenance check and services list to your maintenance staff, you’re taking the initiative to check equipment in anticipation of problems, this is known as preventative maintenance. What does performing preventative maintenance on your commercial HVAC set up mean?

Just like performing regular maintenance to your automobile, performing regular maintenance to your HVAC system will prevent future breakdown of your heating, cooling, and ventilation components.

Take the time to ensure that everything operates smoothly that there are no parts that need replacing. Some of the critical components on your preventive maintenance checklist should include:

– Replacement of air filters
When you have properly organized your maintenance schedule you know you have to replace filters every few months. Filters help keep your indoor air running clean and keep allergens away from the high traffic areas of your workplace.

– Inspect HVAC units for leaks
Leaks become costly if ignored over time. Inspecting your heating and cooling unit periodically is a good way to determine if parts are leaking,  Catching a leak early on will pay dividends on your utility energy costs.

– Cleaning air cooled condensers
Dust that settles on your equipment could hinder how it operates. Taking the time to regularly clean your condensers assures that your units will not become contaminated and in turn your airway remains clean.

– Checking safety controls.
Are all the dials, switches and digital panels displaying the correct readings, set on the correct calibration settings.   All these items affect your energy use efficiency directly and have the most impact on energy utility costs.

– Check belts
Similar to your car’s V-belt you need to inspect belts regularly for signs of wear, Replace if needed.