new HVAC Installation in MOAmerican Services HVAC maintenance service in Clayton knows that when it comes to commercial heating and cooling systems, a major mechanical unit breakdown can really take the complacency out of maintenance professionals.  Your HVAC system requires regular upkeep, just as your car needs a regular tune-up, so must your HVAC system.

Some common and reoccurring issues and symptoms include:

-Rooms that are too hot or cold
-Poor duct design and sealing are often the cause here. Inspect your
ductwork regularly seal any leaks on a semi-annual basis. Add insulation to improve comfort for more predictable room to room temperature variations.
– Excessive dust and humidity, HVAC systems that are a mismatch in size or operating on its last legs can cause a pretty undesirable environmental hazard. Change filters regularly, and insure ducts are sealed.
– Your cooling system regularly emits noise, once again your duct system could be improperly sized, or an issue with the indoor coil of your cooling equipment. A certified HVAC contractor at American Services should be consulted for this maintenance operation.
– Excessive maintenance repair bills, and monthly energy cost increases: Most generally the age and condition of your HVAC System is usually related to the efficiency of its output. So if Energy costs are rising and HVAC system efficiency is dropping, it’s time to start shopping for a new system. These are all signs and indications of problems you should observe for;
1. Thermostat settings checked.
2. All electrical connections tightened and motor voltage and current calibrated.
3. Lubrication all moving metal parts.
4. Inspection of condensate drain and central air conditioner, remove any clogs.
5. Controls checked for proper and safe operation

Cooling specific maintenance
1. Cleaning of evaporator and condenser air coils
2. Monitor and adjust air conditioner refrigerant levels
3. Clean and adjust blower components

Heat specific maintenance
Check of all gas connections, gas pressure, burner combustion, and heat exchanger to prevent fire hazards, and health problems related to air quality.

Be sure to schedule an annual pre-season checkup from a certified HVAC contractor from American Services HVAC repair.