noisesWhat the heck is going on with my St Louis Heating and Cooling system near St Peters MO?  The noises we hear coming from our cooling system can be defined in a multitude of ways regardless of the source of the noise.  In general, we can categorize any noise as expected or unexpected.  In the heating and cooling realm, according to your St Louis MO cooling install and repair, we can break these noises down into a lot of different areas and not all of it is unusual or of concern.  We began this discussion previously and will continue it here on behalf of your Cooling in St Louis MO near St Peters.

“No matter the age or price of your HVAC unit, it’s going to make noise.” That’s right, you may have become immune to the low hum that your St Louis heating and cooling unit emits, but it is important to note anytime there are new, unsettling noises and sounds happening.  When it comes to heating and cooling, we want to help you understand the ins and outs of certain noises.  Let’s cover a few common noises and continue in the posts that follow, covering the entire list of unusual and not so unusual noises emitted by our heating and cooling systems near St Peters MO.

Thumping, clanking or banging  “Other than the cheerful, big-eyed rabbit in Bambi, thumping is usually an unpleasant and ominous sound. So, if you’re hearing banging, clanking or thumping, that may be a sign of trouble brewing.  Make sure you call on your cooling experts to further explore this area of concern.  “If any of these bothersome sounds are coming directly from your HVAC system, this could mean there’s an issue with your HVAC’s blower assembly. We suggest turning off your HVAC system before the issue worsens, and then calling a technician to inspect the problem.”