commercial HVAC Service in MOAmerican Services HVAC installation service in Missouri knows that new trends for sustainability in Commercial buildings are becoming more and more popular.

High Performance buildings are one of the most recent concepts in sustainable energy for commercial buildings.  There are certain criteria that define high performance buildings including properties that improve efficiency and decrease water consumption.

Of course HVAC systems are one of the largest energy consumers in commercial spaces, the focus has always been on improving the HVAC system itself.  But today the attention is more on all of the systems in the building which interconnect instead of just the HVAC system.

Monitoring and control of building systems allow for more control of the overall energy use.

According to Robert Wilkins, VP of Public Affairs states; “While the energy efficiency of individual components and HVAC equipment has risen sharply over recent decades, the trend now is toward considering the overall energy performance of integrated subsystems and integrated building systems.”

High Performance buildings are very efficient and less expensive to operate and they provide a high level of comfort while reducing overall energy and water consumption.

According to Kevin C. McNamara, VP of Commercial Air Conditioning Division, LG Electronics;: “Today’s high-performance buildings take sustainability to the next level with a holistic approach that considers the building’s total environmental impact as well as occupant comfort.” He also referred to the high performance of buildings as a “cradle-to-grave approach to sustainability.”

As more commercial building owners seek high performance building components, the need for communication between HVAC technicians and building owners has increased.

Integrated design is a common trend in the industry of building construction today and project teams composed of architects, engineers, and contractors will work together in order to design a high performance commercial building.

Proper maintenance will keep the building running at a high level after installation of new systems are complete.

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