Industrial HVAC system in MOCommercial HVAC systems represent very advanced technology.  Unfortunately, with great technology comes the potential for malfunctions, when commercial HVAC repair is necessary.  System failures are oftentimes unpredictable and can diminish productivity.  It is important that HVAC downtime is kept to a minimum to save your company money.

When selecting an HVAC repair service, ensure they are reputable and can provide you with references of previous work they have completed.  It is also worth asking if all technicians are certified, as they should be.  Many times commercial HVAC repair companies will work with apprentices who are learning the trade.  A quality company will typically send an experienced technician on a service call with an apprentice.  Companies such as American Services commercial HVAC repair in Saint Louis, also provides the option of enrolling in a regular maintenance program, where we will periodically send a technician out to perform the basic routine maintenance. 

There are a few tips to reduce the amount of repair calls throughout the year.  It begins with the development of a simple preventative maintenance plan.  The most common maintenance task is to clean or replace the filters regularly.  If the system has not been serviced in quite a while it may be beneficial to assess the amount of deposits on the air ducts themselves.  Cleaning the air ducts can improve air quality and eliminate a potential breeding ground for harmful bacteria and mold.  In addition, clean ducts can help your HVAC system operate more efficiently.  Some companies also offer additional services to disinfect the ducts.  This may be beneficial if your building has previously been occupied.

With a planed course of action and a partnership with a reputable commercial HVAC service company, the chance of downtime will be minimal.