HVAC services in MOAmerican Services HVAC installation in St. Louis knows that energy experts say saving energy with a “green HVAC system” can help reduce your overall heating and cooling costs by 30 percent or more. HVAC contractors warn the do-it-yourself enthusiast that the green HVAC system should be installed by professional Personnel such as American Services.

With heating and cooling services responsible for up to 50 percent of energy bills, the efficient green HVAC system is rapidly becoming a critical requirement in both residential and commercial buildings.

Most HVAC systems were installed before 1992 and rated at 10 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) or less. These aging HVAC units continued to drop in SEER ratings year after year. Finally in an effort to increase the efficiency of HVAC systems the Department of Energy mandated and increased minimum SEER ratings from 10 to 13 in 2006. Today manufacturers of HVAC equipment are producing green high-SEER HVAC systems with ratings of 20 SEER or greater.

Replacing the pre-1992 HVAC system with the green HVAC System technology today could reduce your heating and cooling energy costs by up to 50 percent of your total energy bill.
Industry experts recommend replacing traditional HVAC systems with similar ‘green’ high SEER units to dramatically reduce energy costs.

New HVAC industry technology has produced non-traditional HVAC techniques. These technologies are developing quickly, and may be a better suited application for your commercial installation requirements than the efficient Green HVAC system.

Some of those non-traditional solutions are:
1. Automated ducting
2. Evaporative and indirect cooling
3.Geothermal heating
4, Thermal storage
5. Radiant heating and cooling

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