ThermostatYour commercial HVAC system controls the movement, quality, and temperature of the air within your building.  The system you have will behave in a repetitive cycle to maintain the quality of the environment you want.  Here are some basic HVAC components that allow that to happen.

Air Intake – This part of the system brings outside air into your building using a fan, thus providing fresh air to the system.

Air Handling Unit – This part of the system is responsible for filtering and adjusting the temperature of the fresh air that is taken in.

Supply Ducts – Your supply ducts take the filtered and cooled or heated air to the locations around your building.  You will find these on the floor or on the walls of your building.

Return Ducts – Your return ducts act in a contradictory way to your supply ducts.  Their job is to take the old air out of a room and recycle it in your Air Handling Unit.

Exhaust Ducts – This part of your system takes any excess air and removes it from the system.  You will find your exhaust ducts at the end of your HVAC system between the return ducts and Air Handling Unit.

Your commercial HVAC system is a very complicated unit.  These are just the basics of how a standard unit functions.  Please consider always using a professionally trained HVAC company for all of your HVAC related service, parts, and maintenance.

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