HVAC Services in Saint LouisAmerican Services Heating and Air Condition knows that HVAC industrial service near Ballwin is defined as heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and is responsible for providing approximately 30 percent of the energy used by manufacturing companies today.

Both the housing and small business industry increasingly depends on HVAC technology.
Every HVAC industrial building installation will be determined by size, shape, and many other combinations of heating and cooling devices. Having a good air system design reduces energy consumption, cools the building, and improves air quality throughout the installation. Equally important is it leaves no footprint on the environment.

Normally, standard cooling installations consist of rooftop units, heat pumps, chillers and basic air conditioning units. Components such as a boiler, furnace, and electric heat can also be included.

Installation of the commercial HVAC system will depend greatly on the design of the system. So you will want to be sure to hire a contractor, such as American Services, familiar with many designs, and industrial building systems. For the basic industrial HVAC system
an air intake that is located at the top or on side of the building brings in air, this is forced through a damper by atmospheric pressure that regulates how much air is brought in.

This air is then mixed with air already in the system, and then routed through a filter to remove large debris including dust and leaves. The second filter removes the smaller particles.
The air then continues on through a fan and is either heated or cooled by coils.  A condensation pan collects any moisture from the coils. The air then moves through the ductwork to expel through the registers heating or cooling the building.  Finally the air is returned by air registers to be mixed with new air or sent out of the building.

Most commonly used in commercial HVAC installation are 3 main types of air conditioners.

– Direct expansion coolers
– Chilled water system
– Evaporative coolers

HVAC industrial installations are very complex. Knowing what is required before installation will reduce costs, prevent improper installation, and ensure good air quality. The key to successful HVAC industrial installation projects is to contract with a knowledgeable HVAC installation
professional such as American Services in St. Louis MO.