HVAC repair in MOAmerican Services commercial HVAC installation and repair service in St. Louis knows that choosing a commercial HVAC system is no easy task.  Many businesses choose the wrong system for their particular environment and not only does it not work well, but it can end up costing them hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time.  So how do you go about choosing the right HVAC system?

One of the first items to consider is what type of heating you want to use.  This generally falls into one of these categories; radiant or forced air and gas or electric.  All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, and the space you are trying to heat or cool will dictate which system you choose.  Building codes and geographical location also need to be considered to make sure your HVAC system is compliant with all local standards.  A forced air system is similar to the HVAC systems you would find in most homes, it utilizes ducting and fans to circulate air in and out of a location.  The air is cooled or heated through coils either in the furnace or air conditioning unit.  This system is very commonplace in North America both in commercial and residential applications.  Radiant HVAC systems use a series of pipes with cold or hot water to heat or cool the air.  It is similar to how a car radiator works and was widely used in older designs.  However, with advancements these systems are starting to pop up again in residential and business applications because of the efficient and consistent heat these systems are capable of producing.

Another option to consider is whether or not you want a single or multiple zone system.  Single zone systems offer a main control for all temperature adjustments while a multiple zone system has controllers in different zones to vary temperatures in different areas of the building.  Single zone systems are more cost effective, but can leave hot and cold spots in the building.  Multiple zone systems can be expensive but allow a lot more flexibility in heating and cooling needs. There is also a choice between a constant volume and variable volume system.  In constant volume systems, air flow is continuous, while variable volume systems change the flow of air in the ducts.  Once again both have advantages and disadvantages and it all depends on the space your trying to control.

In order to make this as simple as possible you will want to get a licensed and certified HVAC contractor to help you make some of these decisions.  They can create what is called a “Manual J’ calculation, which takes into account the load you will need to effectively heat and cool the space.  This is important because you don’t want to get too large or small of a unit.  They can also check things like air flow, ambient temperature needs and give you an overall recommendation.  Choosing an HVAC system isn’t easy, but armed with knowledge and a little research and you will find that your decision will pay off for years to come.