choiceBecause climate control has a major effect on your quality of life, choosing a new HVAC system requires careful planning and will hopefully not be anything you are forced to rush into. This is especially true in the hot, humid climate of St Louis near Fairview Heights in the summer time, where efficient cooling and good airflow are paramount to your health and safety.

So, say you are looking for a furnace and you need a little guidance in the process.  Your first step in choosing a new HVAC system is finding the right heating equipment, according to other sources online.  “Gas and other fuel-burning furnaces are among the most common heating equipment, and a new furnace is worth considering whether you currently have a fuel-burning furnace or you use electric resistance heating, such as baseboard heaters.”

The way a furnace operates is important to understand before you set out to choose yours, especially as it pertains to efficiency which is obviously a crucial aspect to your furnace choice.  “A furnace works by burning natural gas, propane or another fuel in the indoor unit’s combustion chamber to create heat.” The fan of the furnace that is in the indoor air handler draws air over the heat exchanger in the next step and that then transfers heat from the flame to the air. Next, the heated air gets blown into the ducts and out to your rooms.  According to those who line out the process, a flue pipe exhausts combustion fumes from the burned fuel outdoors.  The next subject to address in this venture would be efficiency.  We all know, at your St Louis HVAC installation near Fairview Heights that there are many facets to explore before making your HVAC decisions.  We will look here at the efficiency and cover all of the details in the post that follows.