You would be surprised how much problem solving goes into updating an HVAC system.  Life is not simple and neither are most HVAC systems in commercial buildings.  When you decide to go more efficient with your system, you should be sure to get the right team to do the work for you.  Someone who is unqualified could cost you big time.  Your HVAC business in St. Louis will get you running more efficient the right way.  They will listen to your needs and make sure you have the best problem solvers for the job.

One tough customer for any HVAC team is the Army Research Lab (ARL) in Adelphi, MD. Recently they decided to update some of their HVAC system to become more green and efficient.  They needed to install an onsite generator and wanted to use the waste heat to replace the boiler made hot water.  The boiler was also being used to make steam for humidity for some of the labs clean rooms.

So what were they to do? Well they decided to replace the steam humidification system with a Meefog humidification system.  This allowed for them to continue on with their plans.  By doing this they found a way to not only reduce energy through the new HVAC system but also through their new humidification system.  Maintenance costs were also dramatically reduced.

You may think that such a simple solution would not take a lot to figure out.  But when you are dealing with a facility that houses research into very sensitive products, you don’t want to get it wrong.  How much is the Army expecting to save this year because of the upgrades? Around $127,000 that’s how much. I don’t know about you, but it’s nice to know that there are dedicated HVAC teams out there helping to save America money.