antique stove for HVAC in MOAmerican Services HVAC repair and installation in St. Louis knows that in the 1700s and 1800s heating stoves made of brick were most commonly used. Additionally, the first mercury thermometer was invented, making temperature reading easy and accurate.  Benjamin Franklin invented the very first stove known as the first steam heating system during this time period. In England, direct fired heat exchange technology, using a stove with a furnace, was being used to warm up large factories.

In this 200 year span, Joseph black forged ahead with relevant discoveries on the topic of latent heat and James Watt was to forever be included in the history books by inventing the steam engine. Carnot initiated thermodynamics and the first and second laws of thermodynamics were made. James Joule discovered and published that work produces heat. For the first time heat was treated as a form of energy. Also, the first warm furnace was developed and boilers with higher capacity were used. Laws of gases were discovered and widely put to use.

The 20th century was a bustling time period for the advancement of HVAC technology. This era saw numerous inventions and rapid evolution of the HVAC systems. Furnace system with centrifugal fans, high pressure steam heating systems, massive fan systems and high speed centrifugal fans and axial flow fans with small electric motors were in extremely high usage.  Industrial air conditioning systems were devised by Sturtevant and Buffalo Forge designed a system to remove dust particles from air streams.

A cooling system was devised that could lower temperature to 10 degree Fahrenheit and a forced air system using a fan was made. The first centrifugal refrigeration machine was made for air conditioning large spaces, while hydronic circulatory pumps and radiators started to be used in the air conditioning systems for circulating water in the system. Furthermore, the first refrigeration with a compressor was made. In the 1900s the first residential air conditioning was made, panels for heating floors and ceilings were manufactured and the use of solar power as a power source was made. For more information on issues relating to HVAC in Illinois, contact American Services.