new HVAC systems in MOAmerican Services HVAC installation and repair service in St. Louis is pleased to announce that Daikin will incorporate Intel Technology into rooftop commercial HVAC units which will provide a plethora of information that could change the world of commercial building owners everywhere.

According to Daikin, the new HVAC systems which would adjust automatically to offer energy efficiency while never skimping on comfort for building occupants.

“Daikin Applied is implementing this through an Intel intelligent gateway solution in its existing Rebel rooftop units,” says Energy.Gov.  Daikin will now be able to use its new energy solutions  to connect Rebel units with the cloud and Intel solution.  This is a process that will allow users to manage their building performance and take care of any performance problems before they even get started.

“Intel was able to provide us with the integrated computing solution that we were looking for,” said Kevin Facinelli, executive vice president at Daikin Applied. “They offer a scalable roadmap and compatibility across Intel platforms along with McAfee and Wind River. With Intel inside our Rebel units, Daikin Applied intends to continue pushing the limits in achieving energy efficiency and advancing HVAC technologies. The type of information available to building owners as a result is exciting. It will power even greater performance in their HVAC systems.”

“Intel is working to accelerate the Internet of Things by driving intelligence into devices and gateways to unlock the data from the device to help uncover actionable information and improve business processes,” said Ton Steenman, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Intelligent Systems Group. “Intel has been working closely with Daikin Applied as they prepare to deploy Intel-based intelligent gateways to help increase energy efficiency in their existing systems while developing new business models and service offerings.”

The technology of the new unit will be able to detect any maintenance needs before problems arise.  Alerts will go out to users when there are any problems with fans or motor failures. The system will also automatically adjust itself to weather forecasts (before the climate even changes) in order to put out heating or cooling at a level that is conducive to the outside temperature-very futuristic!

The system will also be able to gather information from the buildings Energy Star ratings and compare this info to other buildings in the local area.  This information can help with financial summaries and statistics on power usage to measure the buildings overall cost of energy use.

These futuristic HVAC units are U.S.  built in Fairbault Minnesota a the Dakin Applied manufacturing plant.