take twoIs your HVAC system a heat pump?  If so, we have information to share with you, on behalf of your St Louis HVAC Sales and Repair near Fenton MO.  The deal is that if your HVAC system is a heat pump, it won’t have a separate furnace. Dave Moody, an HVAC industry pro with Service Experts, explains, “A heat pump works like a regular air-conditioner in the summer, then essentially works in reverse in the winter, serving both cooling and heating purposes.” A heat-pump system will still have indoor and outdoor components.  You may wonder what they are, so read what we found out below in our St Louis HVAC sales research.

Outside the house you’ll find the compressor and condenser components of the central air-conditioner (or heat pump), which are mounted in a metal cabinet with a large fan, that is the typical set up for anyone with a St Louis HVAC near Fenton who possesses a heat pump in their home.  Also, there is a possibility for a slight variation of the above description. “One alternative to a split-system is called a ‘packaged’ system, in which all components are installed in a single unit outside the home, with ducts entering through the wall of the home. These units may be preferable for a homeowner who doesn’t want to waste space on the interior of their home with heating and cooling equipment.”

Many people learning, along with those of us researching to teach more, tend to overlook the V portion of HVAC installation in St Louis near Fenton MO.  Here is what one online expert says about it, “Not often addressed in most HVAC installations is the ‘V’ – ventilation. Most homes rely on infiltration, or air that seeps in through gaps and cracks in the home’s shell, for limited fresh air. Service Experts’ Moody says, ‘As indoor air quality (IAQ) is increasingly implicated as a big factor in human health problems, mechanical ventilation systems are becoming more commonplace.’  We plan to elaborate more on the ventilation portion of our HVAC itinerary in the near future here on behalf of your HVAC installation in St Louis MO near Fenton.