thermostatIn the world of HVAC, there are many things that you may run across that require the consultation and even employment of a professional, like those available at your St Louis HVAC installation near St Peters MO.  However, sometimes, the repair may be manageable by you.  When it comes to replacing a thermostat, you may be surprised how simple this is.

We will only look at installing digital units here because there is really no benefit to installing a mechanical unit and we want to emphasize that only you can decide if this sort of maintenance is something that you can handle.  Don’t feel badly about the use of a professional when needed.  If you are having problems with your furnace or air conditioner, you can and should begin by checking the thermostat for proper operation.  Make sure you begin by shutting the power off to the furnace and/or ac unit and switch the fan from auto to on mode, according to your St Louis HVAC repair near St Peters.  At this point, if you are having furnace problems, you can disconnect the r and w terminals at the thermostat. Twist the two wires together and then turn the power back on. If the furnace comes on, the thermostat is bad and you should continue with thermostat replacement. If the furnace does not come on, the problem is not the thermostat and you would be wise to seek a professional HVAC repair company for further assistance.

If you are having ac problems, disconnect the wires from the r and y terminals and twist them together. Turn the power back on to the furnace and/or ac unit. If the system runs the thermostat is bad and should be replaced. If the ac still does not run, the problem is not the thermostat.  If you stay tuned to this blog, we will cover next, some of the questions surrounding the type of thermostat you may need when your HVAC system goes out.