HVAC Heating and Cooling Services in MOAmerican Services specializes in HVAC installation near Overland.

American Services knows that almost every facility or maintenance department manager has heard about an HVAC upgrade installation that turned into a long lengthy lesson on what not to do, although there is no magic answer that will cover every single problem of the HVAC upgrade installation.

Facility executives and maintenance department managers can eliminate potential problems by taking into account from start to finish every single detail, checked double checked and, triple checked. This includes the pre planning reasons for upgrading system design, specs, and shop drawings and most importantly the verification of energy cost savings projected.

Most of the major problems will occur between unit designer, the contractor, the vendor and the facility executive. Scarcely productive, more time could be used for understanding the existing system faults or condition of the poor performance. The acceptance of a poor job completed by the contractor is one of the short comings we are talking about.  These deficiencies are presented as problems with controls or building automation, (EMS) or energy management systems, receiving complaints about comfort and air quality also result in higher than normal operating cost.

Like many commercial installation projects, the optimal time to avoid such problems is before the installation.  American Services conducts the pre-installation phase, finds and fixes responsibilities, and documents communications and all changes. If energy cost projections and improved performance verification checks are contracted, we can easily develop controls and methods that measure results. Implementing these steps in the process of American Services HVAC commercial upgrade installation, can prevent the deficiencies noted above.

To set up an appointment for an HVAC contractor to give you a quote on your HVAC upgrade project, call American Services in St. Louis MO today.