HVAC Services in MOAmerican Services commercial HVAC installation in Saint Louis knows that it’s feasibly possible to replace one particular component of an HVAC system and not have to repair or replace any other for the ten year life of an HVAC system. However it’s highly unlikely, Certified HVAC technicians at American Services will verify this thru vast experience. If upgrading one component is a consideration, you may want to take a look at the whole picture.

“You wouldn’t want to replace one piece and not consider the other pieces,” says a certified tech for a large west coast HVAC installer “If you have a chiller that’s reaching the end of its useful life, you have to consider the condition of the cooling tower. It’s a mistake to replace the component of a system that has an obvious problem and not have the foresight to take a holistic look at it and say, ‘the chiller’s 30 years old and it has a problem, what else is that old?'”

One of the first and most important places to start inspecting when looking for other areas that might be affected by an upgrade is the control system. If you are operating with a legacy control system, you’re running the risk of either limiting your upgrade options or not getting the most out of them. These old outdated control systems will keep your system running inefficiently even with an HVAC upgrade.

“I wouldn’t limit myself with an old BAS or energy management system and have that tail wag the dog, if you will,” another HVAC contractor says. “I wouldn’t say, ‘since the controls can’t handle certain types of equipment, let’s not go down that road.’ I would start with the main equipment and then work from there.” If you’re going to be there five years or longer, then I would be looking at upgrading,” he says. Stretching a system’s lifespan while repairing when needed becomes a more attractive option.