HVAC installationA couple other styles of HVAC, piggybacking off of our previous  commercial HVAC post include some of the most interesting and energy efficient of the specialized systems for your St Louis Commercial HVAC near Kirkwood and your business’ heating and cooling needs.  The next up in our discussion is the CAV, or Constant Air Volume.  This, like the systems described previously on behalf of your St Louis HVAC near Kirkwood MO, is also a single duct air system with constant flow that will adjust according to thermostatic input.  The overall efficiency is somewhat based, as with other commercial systems, on the quality and precision of the thermostat itself.

Moving on, we have the VRF, or variable refrigerant airflow.  Your HVAC install in St Louis near Fenton can best describe this as follows, “A heat-pump system that uses refrigerant as the heating and cooling medium. One condensing unit can serve multiple evaporators to condition the space.”  There is also a heat recovery option that better allows for the evaporators connected to the same condensing unit to be in heating and cooling mode simultaneously. This is a necessity for some commercial settings and St Louis HVAC business needs near Fenton MO.

What do these recovery systems do?  “The heat recovery option allows the evaporators connected to the same condensing unit be in heating and cooling mode at the same time. This reduces the energy consumption required to heat and cool the spaces because less energy is wasted to the outdoors or condenser water loop.”  In the end, for most St Louis HVAC businesses, it is about form and function pitted against cost.  The more efficient and capable, the great the system and its value to the St Louis Business.