shutterstock_42183739Are you and your employees having problems with allergies? Even with nothing blooming this time of year some of suffer from severe allergies from buildup in our HVAC system.  You, your employees, and even your customers could be suffering from poor indoor air quality or IAQ.  Not maintaining your HVAC system can allow dust, pollen, and other debris particles to contaminate it.  Also mold can grow and then mold spores released into the air if moisture is in the system.

The EPA does not have set rules on how often you should clean out your system, but most recommend cleaning with the changing of seasons. You can also have your indoor air quality checked. Just think of all the air pollutants that are carried on your employees and from other outside sources.  It is easy to see how this debris could build up easily year round.

Here are some things to look for when checking to see if your business needs service. Check to see if the vents show signs of dust or mold.  Have employees complained about itchy eyes or other allergy symptoms? Have you recently had a rodent or insect infestation? It is getting cold out these critters tend to come in this time of year.  If you notice any of these things, call and make a maintenance appointment today.

Another thing that your HVAC service repair in South County can check while cleaning your ducts is for small problems.  Repairing the damage to these small repairs will help eliminate them from becoming into larger more costly problems.  Also by having a professional checking the HVAC systems, you may increase efficiency by fixing a lubricating parts. So by maintaining your system through service you will save money and you and your employees will also breathe easier.