commercial HVAC service in MOAmerican Services commercial HVAC repair service near Ladue knows that improved technology in HVAC systems and equipment and enhanced processes have become available in the past decade.

These advanced design components have the tool technology needed to greatly improve HVAC systems performance and reliability while reducing energy use (the goal that HVAC Science Researchers strive to achieve). There have been breakthroughs in proven HVAC systems technologies, yet progress has been slow in facilities installation. The result is that many geographic areas’ facilities miss opportunities to improve operations and energy efficiency.

The process usually follows the following pattern; natural reluctance on the part of facility executives to commit to something so new that a facility would be the first to risk using it.  Corporations may believe that the expenditure is too costly-and who wants to make a $100,000 mistake?   At the same time, there may be a misconception that to incorporate something so complex it may not be easily maintained. These same facility managers may allow their company to run inefficiently, and burn up precious energy resources (and dollars in energy costs) for years.

Fortunately the news is getting out.  There are many new technologies that facility managers can choose from building HVAC systems that are neither high risk nor too complex to maintain.  These are no longer in the prototype stage, but are proven systems and have been applied and tested in facilities, in some cases having operated for ten years. Maintenance managers should imagine technologies such as variable speed drives for pumps, fans and drives; high efficiency chillers and boilers; as well as microprocessor-based control systems.  Implementing energy efficient operations into your company will make use of these new technologies. Many facility executives still consider these and other technologies with doubt only because they have not been tried before in their own facilities.

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