Industrial HVAC repair in MOAmerican Services industrial HVAC service near Wentzville knows that commercial HVAC Systems could be the most important system keeping your business productive. It is typical for every business to be dependent on computers to ensure and assist with productivity. Computers generate a fair amount of heat and without proper cooling, the computer does not function properly. The thing keeping the computers cooled in your business is probably your HVAC system. Beyond computers, having a fully operational industrial HVAC system is essential to employee morale and output which both affect your bottom line.

Technology with industrial HVAC systems has changed over the years introducing new requirements for efficiency and air quality. Today, most air conditioning units are either ductless or split air conditioning systems and it is not uncommon to see both. All of the cooling mechanics are located at a remote location outside of the building, often times on the roof or the grounds of the location. The actual cooling takes place within small units located in each of the various rooms of the building. The older technology required louvers and duct work to maintain individual room temperature.

The size and capacity of industrial HVAC systems is specific to the location. Typically, such units range from two tons to 150 tons. It is a large range due to the variety of applications HVAC systems are required for. Contacting an Industrial HVAC representative is the first necessity to ensure that you are correctly identifying the right unit for your location. A professional must visit your facility and develop an understanding for your specific application. From there, various options can be discussed as to the size of system, requirements, and level of expense