HVAC repair service in MOAmerican Services commercial HVAC installation near Overland is pleased to announce a new company started with the idea of saving energy in mind.  The company is called “Save Energy Systems Inc.” and it offers a low cost HVAC system to reduce energy bills.

This low coast data networked system works to save on energy costs by optimizes ventilation and cooling by utilizing algorithms and a patented new design called the Demand Limiting Controller which keeps track of the outdoor temperature in order to adjust the inside comfort level of the HVAC system accordingly.

According to Paul Laskow, who founded the company; “Commercial energy bills reflect more than just kilowatts used, but also charges for the level of demand reached and, depending on geographic location, peak rates for time of day use, Save Energy Systems provides businesses with a level of monitoring and control that cuts HVAC energy costs up to 30%.”

This new innovative energy saving system was made for buildings that are six thousand square feet of more-usually involving up to 3 HVAC systems.  The system has an internet based interface that is simple and easy to use.  The price states at just a little over $3,900 with an overall savings of up to thirty percent-it’s well worth the investment cost.

Says the president and CEO Martha Farmers; “Efficiency is the cleanest form of energy and Save Energy Systems has taken a very smart approach in cutting commercial energy use without compromising comfort or operations, the DLC provides a breakthrough in energy management by applying simple technology to a complex problem. It offers a level of performance previously available to complex systems costing 10 times more.”

The company says that extensive testing has been conducted on utility bills for commercial buildings which employed the new system.  Good reviews have been received by commercial building owners and HVAC contractors alike.  To learn more about cost saving HVAC systems, contact American Services HVAC repair and installation today and we will be happy to come out and give you a quote for your commercial space.