American Services HVAC installation in St. Louis knows that in the last 5 years there has been  a significant impact in the zoning market based on new technology.

Below is a sample of the latest products and systems available to suppliers and contractors involved in zoning system design, installation, maintenance and service.

HVAC maintenance in MOZone control dampers are offered already attached at the factory. A transformer Rated at 120, 24 volts comes complete with the damper. This damper comes with a power open, power close motor. And features LED light, both red for closed and green for open damper status. Also provided is the wireless thermostat that is available in programmable or non programmable versions.

Other optional mounted controls are available through Jackson systems. These controls can be combined, and mated with the Piro sensing and occupancy controller.

Technology has come up with a residential and light commercial geothermal zoning system called the GTPro. The system allows for additional flexibility with three staging options including; time, temperature and number of rooms. This unit will analyze indoor and outdoor air temperatures, monitor loop temperature and multi point thermostat data which maximizes service efficiency, operational control and comfort. In addition humidity controls allow for contractors to make adjustments for different reasons or climates. The unit also allows for the contractor to have multiple configurations on additional relays for assorted application customization schemes.

Another option is the DA2. This damper is based on the Belimo MP Bus Platform. This is a proportional damper/valve actuator.  The camper is programmable to communicate wirelessly with Can2Go controllers.  Wireless operations reduce wiring and down time cost.  Some experts say it is optimal for HVACs applications such as retrofitting water based central heating system, geothermal systems, most chillers and cooling tower installations, radiant floors and chilled slabs.