HVAC system in MOAmerican Services HVAC installation near Fenton knows that the heating and cooling of a school can keep operating costs high, so it’s important to not only choose the right HVAC system, but to make sure it is being used properly.  If you’re looking to drive heating and cooling costs down, then there are some steps you can take to make sure your HVAC system is operating efficiently.

One thing to always keep in mind is to use natural ventilation to help control costs and also to inject fresh air into the building.  This is actually covered in a government stan              dard for public buildings called, ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010, which speaks to proper ventilation for indoor air quality.  While this is a government mandate, it also can be utilized to cut down on costs.  Natural ventilation can be used to control the ambient temperature in the building and also cut down on costs by cooling the space naturally.  Of course caution must be taken to insure that outdoor pollutants are properly filtered and humidity is controlled.  Otherwise contamination of the indoor air and mold from the humidity can begin to develop.  An HVAC system with vent filtration and humidity controls will help to reduce or even eliminate any issues.

One possibility for brining in natural air actually serves a two fold purpose, skylights.  Vented skylights with automated controls can be an expensive after construction addition, but during a build they can certainly be more cost effective.  Skylights, especially in a school offer the benefit of natural light, which not only brightens up the space, but can also help to control energy costs.  Adding vented skylights allows users to add natural light and outside air depending on outside air and weather conditions.

Putting  natural air into a closed environment can benefit occupants and help to reduce costs.  In this tough economy that just might be the solution schools need.