HVAC repair in MOAmerican Services commercial HVAC installation in University City knows that more often than not most HVAC upgrades go according to plan an achieve the desired results. However, nearly every facility executive and maintenance staff alike has heard a horror story regarding how a well-meaning HVAC project went “south.” These “gone south” projects offer a treasure trove of tough lessons learned in managing future HVAC upgrade project installations.

Though there can be no single- wave-of-the-wand that will prevent all the problems encountered in HVAC upgrade installations. Facility executives need to account and oversee every single step from start to finish leaving no stone un-turned, including reasons for upgrading, system design, specs, shop drawings, installations, testing/balancing, commissioning and most importantly, how to verify energy cost savings if appropriate.

The most common scenario that produces the worst problems are those that fall through the cracks between responsibilities of the major player includings:
– The designer
– The contractor
– Vendor
– Facility executive
Standard operating procedure can sometimes causes more time to be spent placing blame among the four major players before solving problems.

Failure to understand existing systems or conditions, and a multitude of other issues in this phase of the HVAC upgrade, can result in disappointing results- including higher than expected operating costs, comfort and air quality problems, control and automation inefficiency.

Facility executives and maintenance managers have learned through trial and error that the best time to avoid such problems is long before for the installation begins.
Designs must be checked, rechecked, and rechecked again, documenting all findings,  and mitigating the financial impact of such problems when encountered.

Avoid overreaching; sometimes a less sophisticated system with fewer bells and whistles will serve your installation better than a complicated unnecessary risk taking project installation.